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Mission Statement

We Can Put Money Back In Your Pocket

Much like getting your taxes reduced, lowering a mandatory monthly bill may seem like just a dream. Sure you can cut out the non-essentials, but actually saving money on the bills we are required to pay is another matter. However, that’s exactly what Commercial Energy Consultants can do for you. We can give you the exact same electric power with a lower energy bill. Guaranteed! No gimmicks, no tricks, just the same energy powering your house and more money in your pocket.

Let Us Do All the Heavy Lifting, While You Save Money!

Commercial Energy Consultants has been delivering electric savings to hard-working Americans living in deregulated states for years now, and we’re revving our engines to assist the states that, as of yet, do not have energy freedom. We have the ability to give you the lowest energy provider for the supply side of your electric bill, removing the incumbent energy supplier from the payroll, and putting in an A+ competitive alternative electric energy company that will deliver the exact same electricity – for less!